Hairstyling adventures (how I proved that I have empathy)

Ok, so I went for a haircut today. There is this place in the centre of Swindon where ladies can get a haircut for 14 pounds only, and it’s really sensible one, so I always go there. Also, as my hair is naturally wavy and it’s doing it’s own thing it seems to me like it makes no sense to spend money on a sophisticated cut. But what is probably the most deciding factor is that I don’t always end up with the haircut I actually wanted in the first place. And it keeps happening to me, whether I go to a cheaper salon or to expensive one.

I mean, it’s ok if I have long hair and just want to ad some layers, but if I want to go from long to short the hairdresser will always end up manipulating me into keeping it mid length.

It was meant to be a bob

And you know what? I don’t even fight any more. I can imagine that, if they are so focused on that, it must be because they have experience of clients who went from long to short, didn’t like it, created argument and refused to pay. I try to be understanding, that’s why I don’t insist.

Let me say that again: I’m giving up on my chosen haircut so that the hairdresser didn’t get stressed! If that’s not empathy, then what is?

3 responses to “Hairstyling adventures (how I proved that I have empathy)”

  1. Who is this beautiful Lady? Lovely cut! You look younger Girl!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m actually quite pleased with it, even though it’s not what I wanted 🙂


  2. […] Anyway, I don’t feel like I could do anything like that now so a few months ago I decided I need to cut my hair into bob. And that’s what happened: […]


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