Simon Baron-Cohen’s recent research (the post mentions suicide and suicide ideation)

People who read my blog regularly might have noticed that I really don’t like Professor Baron-Cohen. The interesting thing is that he’s not well liked in the autistic community, so it isn’t just me, yet, he remains one of the most prominent autism researcher in the world. Don’t you think there’s something wrong here?

Anyway, Professor Baron-Cohen’s recent research is on suicide in undiagnosed autistics. He and his team spoke to families of people who took their own life to establish whether those people had autistic traits and it turned out a lot of them did. The solution Professor suggests is to improve access to diagnosis.

Professor is aware of my Home Group drama and I did specifically explained to him that it was all caused by the fact that I believed the diagnosis will solve all my problems. He took no notice. I’m not important, am I? And my suicide attempt took place two years after the diagnosis.

I will not be linking the article here as I don’t want to promote it but after reading it I started feeling that I have to commit suicide myself to make people realise that Baron-Cohen got things wrong. I mean, I’m diagnosed but I still killed myself.

I hope I’m not going to do that but this is how my thinking process works. It’s like my brain is trying to create a procedure for me to follow. I feel very saddened that Baron-Cohen doesn’t understand that. I bet the only person who could understand that would be my diagnostician, but I have no idea what’s going on with her.

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