Is telling the truth the solution?

A few days ago I posted about the idea I had, where I thought speaking the truth will be solution for our communication difficulties. It was meant to relieve us from the troubles of constant masking and repeating things we heard other people say. Also, I was hoping it will make people respect us and hopefully will prevent them from expecting us to chat with them.

It does make sense, at least to me. I didn’t have a chance to try that out yet and I have no idea what neurotypical person would think about this.

What came to my mind later, however, is that by speaking the truth we would show off to people how wrong we sometimes are at understanding what is happening around us. So I’m not sure I should recommend it?

I remember I was probably 34 when I realised that finally I get situations at work the same way other people do. Before that I used to perceive them differently. For example a bossy manager who would ignore employees’ individual circumstances for me was someone who was professional and was only trying to get people to do the job. So if I say that to my colleagues I’d probably be even more likely to be socially rejected. So I don’t know. I may still try this speaking the truth business and see how it works. Possibly it’s different now, as I said, I seem to be getting things correctly, but then should we be advising speaking the truth to older autistics and hiding it to younger ones? And how would they know which group they fit into? I suppose some of us may still be getting things incorrectly even if they are in their 70s.

Possibly I should ask some neurotypicals what they think about it. But then, they’re not me so it will be invalidating.

I really don’t understand!

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