I feel so incredibly alone

I woke up with this feeling of being incredibly alone. How would you call it? Is feeling alone an emotion? I think I’ll have a look at list of emotions later on and try to fit myself in somewhere.

I had a strange dream during the night: me and some neighbours tried to catch my brother and put him into a human laundry designed to wash off all the alcohol from his brain and the damage drinking done so far, so that he could see his situation clearly. The dream finished abruptly though with me waking up so I don’t know if that approach had any chance to work.

I found good list of feelings on https://grammaran.com/list-of-emotion-and-feelings-words-with-pdf/

I suppose I’d fit under Sad but I can’t clarify it any further and also can’t see why that would matter. Also I’m not sure why frustrated is under sad and not angry? And what ‘heavy’ means in terms of feelings? I’m very confused. Oh, BTW confused is not on the list anywhere. Does that mean it’s not a feeling? But one can feel confused, and I suppose it’s quite common.

All of this doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. Why understanding our feelings is seen as such an important skill? What would change if I was able to allocate a word for how I feel now?

I woke up giving myself a hug. Have you ever done it? Laying on your side the top arm goes under your neck and the other arm across your waist. A hug. It makes me feel better for a moment up until I realise I must be very desperate to do that. Is desperate a feeling? I don’t understand.

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