What is feminine power?

Out of confusion I felt earlier on (and I still do) I started reading Claire Zammit’s work again. Claire is a very successful mentor for high potential women and she calls her system Feminine Power. I became aware of her quite a few years ago, possibly before I realised I’m autistic and I read her work at the time but was not totally convinced to join the course. It wasn’t even about what she was teaching that was putting me off, I was more concerned about the fact that I may not fit into the group of women, once because I’m not really feminine enough (it did happen in the past that I was rejected in online groups for women so it’s not all about body language or what I’m wearing. It must have been about what I’m saying) and also I didn’t feel I was ‘high potential’ enough.

What Claire says is that to manifest things that are about impact and creativity we need to use feminine power system instead of masculine power which works with more tangible things. It’s an interesting concept, however, I wonder, how come even in areas based on creativity, impact and empathy, it’s almost always men who achieve greatest success? Yes, women can be successful too, but men are always taking the lead.

Feminine power is based on connection and intuition. I’m not sure about connection but possibly allowing more intuition into my life is not a bad idea? And I know now that after several weeks I’ll want to reject the entire concept – that was always the case when I tried to connect with my creativity, intuition or I become interested in psychology. But possibly I need to learn to move on naturally from that into being more logical and I need to accept that switching between those two thinking systems will happen many more times for me?

I wonder what intuition will bring me this time? Apparently, we don’t need to know exactly what it is that we want to achieve. Claire also says we’re in new stage of evolution, one where people will be more focused on the impact they have on the world, and who knows, maybe she’s right?

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