‘Men don’t display aggression’ – dr Jordan Petterson video

Please watch the above YouTube video. Dr Jordan Petterson is a well known psychologist and an author. I did hear he can be sexist sometimes but I sometimes watch his videos anyway. I watch all kinds of videos, even if I don’t agree with people who made them. I generally like having an option to make up my mind as I listen to someone and I think this is a very good exercise for an autistic person. It’s a great way of training ourselves in detecting bullshit so I really recommend it.

What dr Petterson says in this video is basically that women displays aggression very often and men almost never. Well, men display aggression through ‘physical fight’ as he said and obviously we don’t get to see men fighting on the street, in shops or in workplaces. Sometimes young boys or teenagers fight at school but they learn to control that as they get older, so that makes it look like men learn to control their aggression as they grow up while women don’t.

But watch how dr Petterson is speaking to this woman who is trying to ask him sensible and to the point questions (‘I’m not interviewing literature, I’m interviewing you’): he pretty much refuses to answer and then uses the soundtrack from that interview to produce another of his videos, without even disclosing who that woman was, so possibly it was done behind her back. It’s like, petty much, he is saying ‘if you try to dig holes in my professional image, that’s what is going to happen to you’. Is that not aggression? But I don’t suppose Dr Petterson hit the woman? Yet, he was aggressive, let’s get clear on that.

As you watch, please pay attention to those sentences: I’m a psychologist and a scientist and I tend to base my opinions on what I’ve read in the broad, relevant clinical literature. I’m not making this stuff up. I studied anti social behaviour for like 15 years. I’m an expert on it.’

Very smart. So basically dr Petterson admitted here he’s a computer. Yes, he’s a computer that processes what’s in clinical literature. I wonder where the things that are in that literature were taken from? Other books? And why my Home Group story is not included anywhere? It’s an extremely important example of anti social behaviour in a workplace.

Anyway, that’s what dr Petterson had to say about men. When I was studying physics in my late teens/early 20s, I was the only female in a group and let me tell you: what is being said about men, that they don’t get involved in antisocial behaviour like gossiping, belittling or putting people down, is just so not true! But women believe it is because if you spend just a few hours with men it may look so fresh and different. They really don’t gossip so it seems like atmosphere is light an casual. If you are with women you can quickly see how they make connections through chat and you can predict how they will be taking other women sides if a conflict arises. Well, I can, even though I’m autistic, so I guess everyone can.

When you are with men, you can’t see that. You then assume that there will be no sides in case of conflict. And only when the conflict actually happens you can see how they form very close bond almost immediately, like if they communicate through six sense. And they can do everything to make a woman look bad when they are like that. I don’t want to dwell on the past here as it’s really not nice thinking that even university tutors didn’t want to take my side but that is the truth: men can be extremely competitive when they sense their position is under threat. And they don’t care about anything, especially about the truth. The only thing that matters to them is that they win. And you’ll never find this out from ‘relevant clinical literature’, that is, pretty much all written by men, I guess? Why would they describe those behaviours in there? It wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

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