A game I can never win (British public attempts to check how poor I am)

What I don’t like about British neurotypicals is how interested they are in other people financial status. The problem is that they never talk about it directly but instead try to find out things indirectly by asking seemingly insignificant questions and making comments. ‘Are you not taking a taxi? It’s raining’, ‘Tesco is dear’, ‘It’s cheaper to buy in bulks’, ‘You have barley groat for dinner? Is it cheaper than potatos?’ (The last one is probably my favourite. Seriously, are potatoes expensive???)

I have no idea how to respond to that. I guess it may be because I don’t fit their image of Polish person who works in low paying job, but then, seriously, are potatoes expensive?

Possibly it’s because I have my own place when they are renting. But what I’m supposed to do with that? I’m not going to advertise to everyone that my ex partner gave me large sum of money that covered appropriately 3/4 of the price of the place where I live now. And do not call me a bitch for taking it because, seriously, he could easily afford it. I guess that means I was lucky in financial sense but that’s why I now have to tolerate the above comments.

And yes, I believe I spent less money on living than an average British person: I don’t like taxis because taxi drivers talk and in general being in such an enclosed space with a stranger makes me uncomfortable, I get a haircut probably twice a year (it used to be more often than that but I reduced the frequency after realising I’m autistic), I try to chose cheaper supermarkets, although that varies. I don’t even have broadband and I use Internet from my mobile provider instead. I don’t smoke and rarely drink alcohol.

And I find it really annoying when people make those comments and wait for what I will say. Any response feels so wrong. Perhaps I should move in with John? Then, if someone asks me where I live, I’ll just say I live with my boyfriend. It may make more sense to them. However, me and John are not in a relationship now. We’re in ‘It’s complicated’ area. And it was a joke of course, about me moving in. Even though I’m autistic I know I shouldn’t be moving in with John just because I feel annoyed by British public.

Btw, did you ever notice how British public likes complaining about prices of absolutely everything but alcohol? ‘I would like to be able to go to the gym but I can’t afford it’. ‘That cafe accross the road is really nice but it’s so expensive! Medium cappuccino is 2.60 there’. ‘I barely put any heating on. The gas is so expensive!’ But have you ever heard anyone saying: Wine is so expensive nowadays so I only have one bottle a month’? Me neither.

I’m sorry if I sound bitter here but I guess this is part of my autistic reality, something that I don’t know how to deal with. And if I write about all of my other issues why not write about British public?

Sometimes I really wish I was like that ex friend of mine who used to say ‘this would never happen to me because I know how to talk to people’. Well, I don’t, as I’m autistic and that’s why I have this blog.

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