Home Group post me a letter

Seriously, where I take all this content from? I thought that blogging will be difficult but after getting used to the fact that I’m putting myself out there, I have so much to say! Every part of my life wants to be on the blog. Almost every… you know what I mean.

When I was in Weymouth I had this idea that I had to sue Home Group properly this time. It should be easy, I’m thinking: I have extremely strong evidence. However, what I learned from my employment tribunal claim is that evidence is not everything. They can still mess me around and possibly demand me to remove all the posts about them. Seriously, half of this blog is about them! Ok, possibly a bit less, maybe one quater. You see, I’m exaggerating again. I’m exaggerating even though I’m autistic, you wouldn’t expect that, would you?

What I did on the way back from Weymouth was, I emailed a solicitor from Oxford to ask if they could assist me and they said no, although they didn’t seem to be specialised in similar cases. What I do in similar situations is that the first place or a person I contact end up not working out, which is often because I didn’t think everything through properly and I said something off-putting. I then have another go with somebody else, without making the same mistake and things are usually fine.

So when I got an email from that solicitor stating they can’t help but they gave me contact to another solicitor, I emailed that second solicitor and didn’t get any response whatsoever. That was strange. Normally solicitors reply, don’t they? Pretty much everyone replies to emails, even if they don’t want you to be their client. So that was strange and didn’t fit into what I know, which then as a result made me think that I shouldn’t sue, it’s not in the cards (this is how notifications work).

In the meantime I received a letter from Home Group, one that I used to receive a lot before and they never bothered me. It was something about my pension. This time I got scared when I saw it. It’s like if subconsciously I assumed it was response to that claim that I haven’t even made. So yes, I really shouldn’t sue. That’s how the claim would make me feel and that is not what I want at all. I’d rather keep blogging. But how the things are going to work out if my blog gets some recognition? My statistics were really good this week, hard to say why – possibly all that sexual content, lol.

But anyway, I’ll keep blogging and what will Home Group do? I was wondering about that already and I think I finally know: they are going to do nothing. If someone asks them about it, they will say they can’t comment because it’s confidential. There will be no negative consequences for them. But I will get to say my story undisturbed. Or at least I hope I will. As long as The Lady won’t reach out to me ‘to make it work’. I would not stand that at all!

I was in touch with John again towards the end of this week. It’s so strange that I broke up with him just a few days before my mum died. We agreed that we will talk when things settle. I guess that means, when I stop feeling bitter. I don’t want to make any rushed decisions and I admit here, I’d like some things to be different in our relationship but I always fancied him, he is also a really helpful and supportive guy and that together is a lot. And I was thinking recently, what if we get married? Wouldn’t that be fun? We could raise our toast with craft beer, this one he’s such a fan of (I can never remember how it is called), would that not be cool? We could then live happily ever after, or at least I hope.

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