What men really think when they pretend they want a relationship while in fact they just want to get laid

Ok, so this may be another interesting thing people don’t realise. I used to study at men dominated university and sometimes heard their conversation about sex. They didn’t talk too directly about it around me but it was still possibe to work out their opinions. So basically, if a man pursues you for sex only but pretends he wants a relationship and you’ll go for it, he will think of you as a low quality woman that only has herself to blame if she’ll feel hurt.

He can do that to a different woman every week and still think about himself as a good person. And some men are better at that game than others.

That’s another trick, and I just said in my previous post not to use learned tricks, but this is a good one: be mean. Not all the time, that wouldn’t make sense but if you don’t like something that he did, tell him in a very direct, mean way. If he’s running for the hills after that or calls you crazy, or, the opposite: becames very sweet and agreeable, much more that would be reasonably to expect, he’s not really into you, he’s just trying to deceive you.

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