How to ‘spot a genuine man’?

That is another thing about language that I have problem with: the above question, without the quotation marks, is often being used in dating advice articles. And what does ‘genuine’ mean? Authentic, real, sincere. But the question is used to mean something different: how to find a man who will commit to you. This way, what people do, at least to us, autistics (possibly neurotypicals don’t make the same connection) is, they imply that if you find a genuine man, he will commit to you. But he may be as genuine as you want, helpful, polite, and won’t even try to ‘use you for sex’, he just won’t commit to you, for various reasons. So I really don’t like the word ‘genuine’ being used to describe men this way.

The other thing is the word ‘spot’ as it implies that a man ready to commit can be worked out so easily: you just look at him and you’ll know that he’s ready for a relationship. No, it doesn’t work this way, you can’t ‘spot’ a man who is ready to commit, you need to work out if he’s ready for that or not.

The way how we use language is really that important.

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