Eureka! (Other people perspective)

This is a continuation of my last post about my diagnostician, where I commented how she casually mentioned I can’t see other people perspective but refused to elaborate on that and this, with time, made me focused on exactly that – other people perspective.

I did mention in the previous post that I had no idea where my diagnostician got that from. The assessment wasn’t focused at all around other people perspective, it was pretty much all about my own perspective, so how could she assessed whether I can see it or not.

Not seeing other people perspective is part of being autistic, but I guess we are all different and some of us are better at it than others. It was my understanding that my diagnostician assessed me as being worse at it than an average autistic, which was really shocking as I thought, with everything that I had problems with, I am quite good with people. I mean, for an autistic person of course.

Anyway, almost immediately after I published that post I felt like I had an eureka moment.

During my post diagnostic appointment my diagnostician mentioned that she cooked my national dish, pierogi, for her daughter once. Pierogi are kind of stuffed pasta that can have variety of fillings but the traditional ones, and those that are the easiest to get in a shop are: sauerkraut and mushrooms, meat and ‘Russian’ which are made of potatoes and curd cheese.

My response to that was to ask what filling was in those pierogi.

It did come to me a few days later that the right thing to say would be to ask whether the daughter liked them and that the question was likely there to get to see my response.

But it only came to me today that must have been what she had used to find out if I can see other people perspective. We, autistics, like to clasify things so I wanted to clasify those pierogi according to their fillings, which quite frankly, didn’t make any sense, as they were already eaten, but that was my thinking. While my diagnostician’s perspective was ‘a mother trying to feed her daughter’.

I could not see that at all at the time. I wonder if I could pass similar test any better now.

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