I’m in Portland!

I finally got in! At 8pm, which is 6 and half an hour after I left home. I had a little stopover in Bath Spa as my train from Swindon was delayed and I missed my connection to Weymouth by 3 minutes! I had to wait 2 hpurs for another train. As annoying as it was, it made me realise I’d cope. I coped with a journey in unknown territory, in the evening (Google map was a real help) so I’ll cope with work. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The hotel I’m staying in is ok, a bit basic but I wouldn’t mind it, however the mattress on the bed is probably 20 years old. It reminds me of the beds we used to have in my first student dorm at the university in Łódź. It gave me back pain very quickly, so I am glad that I’m only staying here for two nights. And I really hope that the place in Weymouth will be better.

Mind you, what is with the mattresses that so many hotels can’t get it right? They pay so much attention to how bathroom looks like or what they serve for breakfast but mattresses are poor so often that during some of my travels I had to take painkillers for backpain. Mind you, I get back pain quite easily, but still.

The Friend told me yesterday that she can’t look at some of my patterns. The more colour and repetition the more difficult she finds it. I am quite surprised, I can look at them perfectly fine. Well, I guess if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to do them in the first place.

That’s what I did in a cafe in Bath:

And now I guess it’s time to have a shower and try to get some sleep. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It will not be easy at all on this mattress.

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