Since when killing people is classed as moderate violence? (Feedback from the trip to the cinema)

Ok, so I am on my way back from the cinema and I’m still shaking. It was musical called West Side Story, classed as containing ‘moderate violence’ but then I didn’t pay much attention to it – it’s musical, right? So it has to be nice. Moderate violence is, to me, when two people have a bit of a fight but no one gets hurt.

The film was full of violence. It started with a violence and finished with two murders. Or maybe three? I can’t quite work that out as I left to the toilet during one of the fights.

I don’t even mind some violence in a film, if it makes sense for the story but in here, I’d say if there was no murder, there would be nothing to say really. I was actually wondering at some point what that film is about. I mean, ok, there was a bit of a love story, but not very well drafted at all, not interesting, not something that would make the viewer keep their fingers crossed for main characters. I mean, ok, the characters weren’t meant to be dating, but their love didn’t convince me at all so I wasn’t too bothered.

And then, towards the end of the film, when I was asking myself what it was meant to be about, I found out: it was meant to show us unexpected murders. Beautiful, Mr Spilberg, well done. I expected a bit more from you and if you can’t deliver, then well, possibly it’s time to move on and give up space to younger talents.

Anyway, what really botheres me is that the film was classed by BBFC as containing moderate violence. So does that mean that if I kill somebody, I won’t go to prison? Why should I, it was only moderate. A few days without Redecor should be enough of a punishment, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m writing this post when I’m still on the bus, and still shaking. I feel upset and misled by organisation that was meant to protect me – vulnerable viewer. I sent them my feedback but I guess no one will care.

That was trully disgusting experience. Will probably put me off from going to the cinema again.

2 responses to “Since when killing people is classed as moderate violence? (Feedback from the trip to the cinema)”

  1. I didn’t think much of that film either!

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    1. It was horrible. I should have gone for Matrix instead 😛

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