My mood (quick update)

This is just a very quick post to record the change in my mood: I felt very agitated in the morning today and even had to take diazepam, which was probably around 10am – ut gave me some relief but not much and then later, around 1pm I suddenly felt really calm. I didn’t know it can still continue to work that much later. I’m still calm now, at 7pm, I’m on the sofa in my living room enjoying the gas fire and burning essential oils on my oil burner.

I feel quite Christmasy (is that actually a word?), I also don’t think I’ll need to take olanzapine this evening, but I’ll do meditation from Sleep School app.

So that is a great improvement, as I stated in my previous posts, in the morning I was even worried I’ll have another psychotic episode if I don’t calm down, and now everything is so much better.

I need to post about the concept of emotional regulation, but that won’t be today.

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