I’m not cut out to be a home owner

I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel. After a gas engineer vist, who was, I presume, form the council, it turned out that my gas meter testing nipple is broken and therefore the meter can’t be switched back on. I didn’t even know that meters have testing nipples! More over, the lady I was speaking with from gas supplier customer service didn’t know that either and was asking me multiple times what is wrong with it. She would then call somebody else and come back to ask if maybe it’s a valve? If valve and testing nipples are the same thing, then yes. All I know is that I was told it was a testing nipple.

After like 50 minutes of this back and forth conversation I was finally told they can put smart meter on. I’m like, but I had a visit from an engineer a few weeks ago about smart meters and was told that I can’t have one for the gas as it’s outside of the property and too far from it. Did they not have this on the system?

I’m not capable of that, seriously. If I wasn’t oversensitive to cold I’d just give up on the luxury of having a heating and ability to take a bath. I have an electric shower, that will do. I mean, not now because I’m not taking my clothes off in this cold, I’m just saying, if I was like The Boyfriend, who likes being cold, I wouldn’t do anything, that’s how much this type of communication is putting me off.

Someone is going to call me within 3 hours to make an appointment. Hopefully they won’t offer me one in a few weeks, I don’t know what I would do. I mean, I suppose I can go to the gym for a shower, that should be ok as I barely use it to exercise, and will certainly not be doing that before my heating is back on.

I think I’m just going to have a breakdown now, then someone can come and section me, place me in a heated hospital, give me food and all the support and only let me out after the meter has been replaced.

When I was on an autism support chat a few weeks ago, there was a lady there who said that she’s registered as having communication difficulties with her gas and electricity supplier, mine just told me they don’t have anything like that. Anyway, would that work? I can communicate very clearly in similar situations, I just get terribly put off when I have to speak with somebody who don’t know what they are doing.

Mind you, the lady from customer service was actually very nice, it’s not her fault that she hasn’t been sufficiently trained and was just being used to pass on messages between me and someone from a technical department (who, my understanding is, also didn’t know anything about testing nipples).

If I’m in similar situations, I just want to give up. It’s much less frustrating.

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