Meaning of dreams

For a few years now I keep having this dream every now and then that I discover another area in my flat that I was not aware of. Sometimes it’s just one more bedroom that needs a lot of work, at other times it’s a massive lounge and a swimming pool (that wod be nice, wouldn’t it?).

The entrance to that area is not obstructed in any way and it’s never revealed in the dream how I actually found it and why I couldn’t see it before.

A few times I have a different version of that dream: that when I bought my flat I also bought one more, somewhere outside of Swindon, that I have a married couple as tenants and, of course, they pay me rent every month but I somehow forget the entire thing and one day it comes back to me and I decide to go there and see how it looks like. It always feels a bit strange at first because how could I forget about such an important thing but then that feeling gets replaced by feeling of content: I have two flats, not just one, and I’m a landlady. Life is better than expected.

Last night the dream revealed to me a single bedroom in need of work. Old window and rotten floorboards didn’t look very encouraging, I almost forgot to be happy that I found that extra space and instead I was focused on the work that it needed doing, now, when I don’t have a job.

I certainly prefer the version when I find swimming pool.

I wonder whether those dreams mean something. It seems to me that the explanation should be that there’s something going on around me that I’m not aware of and it’s mostly a good thing. But then, what it could be?

I try to remember whether I had those dreams as well when I worked for Home Group. At the time certainly something was going on around me that I was not aware of, but it wasn’t a nice thing at all. I said it’s been a few years since I keep having those dreams and I dropped my employment tribunal claim at the end of 2017, but I really don’t remember when the dreams started.

Do you believe that dreams may in fact be reflection of reality and tell us something that we don’t know?

Let’s hope, whatever those dreams mean, they’re not Home Group related.

3 responses to “Meaning of dreams”

  1. Could Redecor be encouraging the recurrence of the dreams?

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    1. I can see where you’re coming from, but I have been having those dreams for good couple of years and only play Redecor since February this year.

      Also those dreams are not about decorating at all, they are about suddenly discovering that I have more than I ever expected. If it’s a swimming pool I always wonder if it’s just mine or do I have to share it with other flats but I don’t want to ask anybody as I lived there that long and didn’t know it existed.

      Even if they’re about a single room in need of work I still have the understanding that I can postpone the work and enjoy the room later while it will always be mine.

      It’s all about receiving unexpected reward and my flat seems to be only a symbol here.

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