Researching neurotypicals (me vs Home Group)

(For those of you who don’t already know Home Group is a large housing association with head office in Newcastle, UK, that I used to work for. They claimed in an official document that my autism diagnosis was private and they paid for it, while it was on NHS and they were never asked to get involved.)

I contacted an ex colleague from Home Group today. I’m not in touch with anybody from there except of him as I also know him from a different setting. He is a lovely chap and very fair, that’s why I was at some point very scared that he will be avoiding me due to whatever he heard about me, and I’m sure he heard something at the time, what must have been mostly made up.

And the thing is, why would I be scared? And why I kept quiet about it for, well… since 2017? Should we not talk about things like that openly so that they never happened to anybody else? I’m sure Mr Henderson, Home Group CEO, would agree with me on that.

Every time I mention Home Group on my blog I email Mr Henderson and he never replies. So I’m wondering, what is going to happen now? Would Home Group just keep quiet forever, possibly saying, if someone from outside ever asks, that they can’t comment on individual circumstances? But that wasn’t just my circumstance.

I had problem with a female colleague (I call her The Lady for the purpose of my story) and, as I started complaining, the things were getting worse and worse. I was asked on two occasions by managers from outside of my team, how I got the autism diagnosis and I said it was on NHS and on both of those occasions those managers pulled faces at me.

Later on I understood why: there were fabricated documents in my file stating that the diagnosis was done through AXA occupational health. But neither of them ever said anything so I had no chance to explain and protect myself.

So, if Home Group conduct couldn’t protect me from those type of practice, how can they protect their tenants? What guarantees we have that similar treatment will never happen to them? It may, because that’s how narcissists work. They don’t stop.

But does that mean I should now be scared? No, we should talk about those things openly, so that they will never happen again to anybody else, wouldn’t you agree Mr Henderson?

I’m wondering, again, what is going to happen. What if I allocated a day in a week when I write about Home Group and even give them a category on my blog, so that the posts were easy to find? How long is Mr Henderson going to keep quiet for?

The Boyfriend is really scared they will take me to court, but what for? They’d only make idiots out of themselves for that.

So what is going to happen if I continue? Let’s check. As a project, to research neurotypicals. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

4 responses to “Researching neurotypicals (me vs Home Group)”

  1. It’s horrible that they treated you that way.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it really is horrible. But it’s also a massive relief that I can finally speak up without the fear of negative consequences.

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      1. I’m glad you are speaking up!

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      2. Thank you Ashley

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