How I celebrated World Mental Health Day

I sent a following email today to Mr Mark Henderson, CEO of ‘The Company’ (they’re real!), and copy to Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, world wide known expert on autism, who’s always willing to help autistics.

Dear Mr Henderson,

The last time I contacted you I was out of the country dealing with family issues so didn’t have access to my post.
As I made it clear, I post that email on my website for people to see. I do admit I don’t have many readers at the moment but I hope things will change with time, you should be aware of that posibility.

Therefore I was expecting that when I come home I’ll find a letter from Home Group requesting me to take that post down or if I don’t, Home Group will sue me for slander.

As that didn’t happen, I take it, it’s ok for you if I keep posting about it?
Today is World Mental Health Day and I expect Home Group did something special to raise awareness.

My own mental health, if you ever worried, is getting better. However, please remember, as I always will, it was Home Group conduct that made me develop my first psychotic episode, PTSD and caused me to make a suicide attempt so I’m glad you’re not trying to silence me now.

In case you ever change your mind about it Mr Henderson, please contact professor Simon Baron-Cohen, who is World wide known autism specialist and he’d know how to talk to me.
Oh, and I have a new website now Mr Henderson. I won’t be giving you a link but I’m sure you can Google it.

Kind regards,

Magda Regula

End of email, my own comment: Home Group, otherwise known as The Company. They’re real organisation, disability confident, always following procedures. I was their employee, I took them to employment tribunal following period of serious workplace bulling and they claimed there my autism diagnosis was private and they paid for it. But it was on NHS and they never even got involved in the assessment process. It’s a real story, unfortunately.

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