How to deal with bullying

Meet the Author, Israel C. Kalman, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

I just came across the above website by Izzy Kalman, a psychologist who offers alternative approach to bullying based on being friendly. I wonder if it works, I guess it may in a lot of situations, and I do agree with the author 100 percent that approaching bullying by involving other people to take the side of the victim will not work long term.

Bullying is a social event and we all know those can’t be controlled very well by applying external rules.

Unfortunately there’s not much being said about the techniques on the website, learning it would require paying for a course and a genuine bully to try if it works. I wonder though, if it’s so good, why can’t we learn it for free, why the government won’t make it accessible and are there any research?

Also, one thing I don’t understand here is: it is being said that autistics can’t predict other people behaviour very well, that implies neurotypicals can. Therefore why current anti bullying approach, created by neurotypicals, doesn’t work?

3 responses to “How to deal with bullying”

  1. His approach sounds like it oversimplifies the issue.

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    1. I’m thinking it wouldn’t work with the lady who was giving me issues at work. I think the problem with her was, she was trying to use her social skills to constantly influence people and I just wasn’t getting it the way she intended. But maybe it would work for kids, when the issues are more superficial?

      I agree though that teachers intervention doesn’t seem to be working the way it’s intended.

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      1. I can see it working better for kids. There aren’t the same issues around power differentials as there are with adults.

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