Hostel in Kraków – freaking out!

I usually stay in hostels when I’m travelling. Most times I book a bed in a dorm room and I never really had any issue with that, people wise More over, the bigger the room the better. It’s very easy to ignore people in bigger rooms.

The problem that I have sometimes is that beds are not very comfortable or duvet is thin. Even if I’m not cold, I still prefer thicker duvet due to the weight of it. So I thought I try this hostel in Kraków, just slightly further away from the station to where I normally stay as it had really good reviews for being comfortable. And it’s true, mattress is really comfy and there is a nice kitchen, but…

The hostel is just a bigger flat with a couple of beds only and the owner is constantly hovering around and trying to entertain us. I don’t know how I’m going to cope!

At least weather is nice again so I’ll be off to Jewish Quarter in a minute, after I finish this post. And it’s good that I know I’m autistic so I understand why I find the host’s behaviour difficult.

From what I know loads of autistic people don’t like staying in hostels or even travelling in the first place. Well, I suppose I must have some degree of flexibility to be able to cope with it, still I’m definitely autistic, don’t challenge me on that.

One response to “Hostel in Kraków – freaking out!”

  1. Yikes, having a host hovering around sounds very unpleasant!

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