Playing games

What I wanted to talk about here was how I was dealing with anxiety recently: by playing various online games: my favourite was water puzzle, but I also found another version of block puzzles which is a bit easier to play, although I’m still pretty rubbish at it.

But what also came to my mind is how our, autistic females behaviour can be misinterpreted by men who are interested in us as ‘playing games’. Only because we don’t know how to respond to their flirting and sometimes get it right but at other times completely wrong, the man may think we play games with him.

The strange thing about it is that, if we’re not considered shy, we are much more likely to fall into the player category and perhaps, with time, we may even believe we are one. But the truth is much more complex than that: we may not be sure how to react appropriately towards the man that we like, we may be confused about our own feelings towards him and in fact not know if we want a relationship or not. How do we know that if we never were in one?

I don’t know what’s the solution for that but perhaps if I had known I’m autistic when I was younger and was able to be open about that, perhaps men would have more patience with me. Perhaps I’d have family now.

3 responses to “Playing games”

  1. Or maybe men should have asked questions to clarify rather than making assumptions about game-playing…


    1. I guess they’d ask if I wasn’t autistic 😛 I assume there is something about me that prevented them from doing that.

      Although there was one who did ask. My frien from first year of university who decided to move to a different course. He did ask what is going to happen to us when he leaves and I took it totally directly and said: you will be studying your course and I’ll be studying mine.

      Took me several months to realise what he really meant and I tried to get back in touch with him but he was cold and distant.

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