The Innocent Guys

I did mention in my previous post that since I started blogging about my emotions I started seeing flashback of text in my head occasionally and it’s something that relates to my life. ‘The Innocent Guys’ is what I saw just a few minutes ago.

I suppose it could be a good name for vegan burger restaurant but that would not be anything to do with my life, so possibly it’s to do with my mum’s bank. I saw an article online earlier on about the fraud where they claimed they ‘always inform the police, even if there’s just a fraction of doubt’. Only not in my mum’s case, where it was me who informed the police (that’s also in the article, although my name is not given).

The Innocent Guys would be good name for them then. I now really worry that we’re not going to get the rest of the money back and we’ll just have to get on with it. We can obviously take them to court, which the policeman suggested may be needed but that may take a while.

I had a little nap and I feel a bit better than I was for a couple of last days, I also had a nice lunch in an eatery where me and my mum used to eat if we went shopping and didn’t manage to get home before lunch time. Main meal and a drink it’s only 13PLN there, which is approximately 2.5 pounds, a large soup is 5PLN. I can’t make myself to eat anywhere else, it feels to me like going for lunch to that place is like paying tribute to my mum, she may never be able to eat there again.

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