Property sale in Poland

When I was buying my flat in Swindon I was impressed with how well organised everything is there: each party has his own solicitor and the solicitors handle everything, including the transfer of money.

It doesn’t mean nothing can go wrong. I remember I instructed my solicitor online and, as I paid an initial fee, I thought it was all sorted. Shortly after they sent me a document that was over 40 pages and the first two were about how good solicitors they are. I assumed if I was required to do anything with it, it would be stated at the very beginning, but there was nothing there so I ignored it entirety.

It later turned out that there was a form for me to fill in there, on like 27th page and without it they couldn’t proceed. I was then thinking, who puts an important form on the 27th page instead of the 1st or 2nd? I didn’t know at the time I was autistic, but if I’d knew that, I’d certainly notice that, despite what it’s being said about us not knowing how people process information and having difficulties with prioritising, I wouldn’t put an important form into the middle of a large document.

Anyway, the rest of the flat sale went well and I managed to move in before Christmas. I was very impressed that I managed to buy it without seeing the previous owners. It wouldn’t be possible in Poland.

In Poland there is only one solicitor who serves both parties on one face to face appointment. The parties have to organise all the documents themselves, solicitor checks them and exchanges the contracts. Solicitor also doesn’t handle money for the sale so the parties either exchange cash or, if they have online banking, buyer can do bank transfer directly to seller’s account while at the solicitor’s office.

At times we can hear in media how people sell the same propery twice, which with this system is not impossible: first time in the morning, the second time, at a different solicitor, in the afternoon. And it won’t be solicitor’s fault that he allowed the second sale as the first one wasn’t updated at the land registry yet. I guess introducing more sophisticated system would protect both buyers and sellers yet I’ve never heard about anyone trying to change it.

In general I could say when I’m in the UK I often hear about people campaigning to change a law or a certain standards as a result of something bad that happened to them. It doesn’t seem to be happening here. Despite us, as a nation, having loads of experience in fighting communism, people seem to accept the state of affairs around them. They may moan about them but no one is trying to change anything.

That brings me to my employment tribunal case against The Company (I revealed their real name somewhere else on this blog): can I campaign for things to be different? But then, what things exactly? That defendants are not allowed to lie in employment tribunal?

I’m not even sure now campaigning is what I want. Sure, that’s what I thought I wanted before I started blogging about my real experiences but I can see now, it was only an attempt to break that glass jar that I felt like I was covered with.

Writing about my psychotic episodes and general mental health struggles brings me much more relief than anything else. I guess that is also a type of campaign, one that didn’t take off yet and maybe it never will but I genuinely believe it’s what I want to do now.

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