My problems are not ‘real’ problems

That’s how I often feel when I speak with people openly about what I’m going through. I now think it could be because I don’t communicate my emotions with my face expression and possibly don’t look authentic when I talk about some of my deepest problems.

I must say I don’t really have that issue with my current mental health team, which I guess is a big improvement, but I used to have it a lot when I was younger, whether that was from colleagues who I tried to confide in, teachers or even counsellors. I wonder why people assumed that a young person who’s dad never recovered from a mental health breakdown, doesn’t have any right to feel bad about it?

However, at other times people rushed to help me when I was perfectly fine, and they continued to do so to the point it felt suffocating.

I really wish people just listen sometimes instead of trying to read me, guess and assume things about me that are far away from the truth.

One response to “My problems are not ‘real’ problems”

  1. Yeah, more listening would be nice.


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