Confindence and how people see it

I sometimes think that part of my problem is that people see me not for who I see myself but through various prejudices. Like for example they think I’m Polish, on my own (me and The Boyfriend don’t live together), so I must be struggling financially and therefore will be easy to manipulate and take an advantage of. What adds to the image is probably that I’m not necessarily very articulate when I first meet someone (like during an interview) so they think that means I lack confidence.

Then, a bit later, when I get used to the new situation, I expect to be treated equally and with respect and that upsets them.

Quite frankly even being autistic for some people is an equivalent of having low confidence, while it’s not like that at all. I may appear as someone who is not very confident but this is only because all my mental abilities are focused on working out the new dynamic around me and, very often, remembering where various rooms are (my sense of direction is really poor) but when I work out that new situation and games people around me are playing (let’s be honest, everyone is playing one) I show off my more authentic me: I can be very focused on getting what I want and even stubborn at times. But that wasn’t what they expected from me and that is the problem.

And it’s a problem for both me and them. But what is wrong with the fact that I want to be treated with respect? This is something that everyone deserves, even the people who are not confident in the slightest.

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