Visited mum

Mum was very quiet again today and her hands were shaking a bit. I asked her what she wanted me to do when we run out of money for that care home and she said she cannot think straight. She still says she likes there much better and she didn’t moan about my brother at all today. But she seemed much more alert whenever I saw her in the government care home. Possibly it’s the weather? It’s rather bad today, although I managed not to get wet on the way to see her and on the way back.

Or possibly she’s just getting older? The contract with the care home is signed for 6 months. Mum says she hopes she can come out at the end of that time. I don’t think so, where would she go? She’s so fragile and vulnerable now. But at least she stopped saying she wants to be in our family home.

It turned out her mobile has almost no signal there, as I said, the place is in the middle of nowhere. Possibly I need to get a sim card from a different provider?

I almlost wonder if taking her away from the government care home was a good decision. Nothing would be a good decision, our care choices are extremely limited in here.

There is a painting of Paris on her bedroom door and she likes saying how much it reminds her when we went here together. It was, I think, 11 years ago.

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