Hotel quality care home?

Despite of me worrying mum would not want to spend her savings on a care home, she seems to enjoy this bit of luxury. I was allowed to see her in the room today, as the other two beds are vacant, and I found her covered in crispy, hotel quality white bedding. But as I said, due to Polish tradition (and probably costs and lack of availability) that care home prospective clients are probably those who really have loads of money.

Mind you, that care home cost is just a tiny bit higher than full price of government one, although meds and pads need to be paid separately while they are free for residents of government care homes.

Mum again said she likes that place, even though she feels isolated while on her own in the bedroom (it’s 3 bed bedroom but the other two are vacant for now). I’m glad she’s happy. That makes me think (again) I just need to find a job now and all will be well.

Last night was the first time for a few weeks when I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety and worry that mum is going to live for too long and we’ll run out of money. I think we’re covered for 3.5 years, that’s loads of time to work out what to do.


I’m quite tired now (at 17.18), I’m on my feet from 7am as I had to go to Smardzewice to get mum’s medical history. I also bought sleepers for mum but they’re too narrow, so need to exchange them tomorrow.

I had lunch in town, pork in mushroom sauce, potatoes and, what I call ‘Polish coleslaw’ (shredded vegetables in vinaigrette dressing), it was very nice. I’ll probably have a shower soon and then continue to transfer content from my old website.

Nothing strictly autistic to add at this moment but I guess everything that happens to me is about autistic life, wouldn’t you agree?

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