Care standards

One of mum’s pressure sores is quite bad, it looks like all the skin has been peeled off of her heel. I’m shocked that the old care home didn’t even inform me. I was really thinking they are taking good care of her.

Surprisingly mum said she started liking the new care home and how much peaceful and quiet it is so I’m quite relieved. What comes to my mind is that I just need to find a job and all will be well.

I feel like I’m at the beginning of a shutdown. All those problems, changes and emotions had a huge impact on me.


Mum looked very fragile and tired today. She says that’s because she needs to get used to the new place. If she was always like that, she wouldn’t be able to live with me, I wouldn’t cope with her. But the thing is she is getting older every day so it will came to the point when that will be her new reality.

I can’t believe that just a few months ago she was able to make pierogi all by herself.

I don’t want her to get any older than she is now. I’m having difficulties with adjusting to that change.

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