Things went fairly well

Mum was transferred to her new care home today and it seemed to went well, despite me panicking due to having very little control over what was happening. I was not allowed in to check her bags and I’m not sure whether she had her glasses with her. I was also not able to check that in the new care home as I could only stay with her for a few minutes.

She was fairly happy to move, and then, when she got there, she suddenly looked like crying. It’s so easy to interpret that behaviour as dementia, but I see it differently: she spent all her life in the same home, and then, when she’s old and fragile, she can’t stay there any more due to her son drinking. Every time when she moves from place to place she realises she can’t go back home, that’s why she’s crying. I wish people could see things from her perspective more.

Unfortunately, I found out today, mum has pressure sores. The old care home didn’t even tell me. It seems like staff considered that to be normal, just because she can’t walk. Obviously I’m not happy about that but knowing standards of care here there’s no real point to complain.


I wonder whether she will be able to walk again at all.

Overall I’m quite happy that I moved her, we’ll see how she will feel there tomorrow and for the next couple of days. Sometimes I think she copes better in situations when she doesn’t have too much comfort as long as people are nice to her. When she has more comfort she seems to realise how unhappy she really is. That’s why I’m a bit worried, but I love her and want the best for her. We’ll see.

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