A day outdoors

I spent a significant time outdoors today. On Friday morning the receptionist from my first hostel gave me a spare key to my bedroom, as she wasn’t going to be in, but warned me she’s not sure what time the group of people are going to leave. ‘Probably not before 2’ she said.

However, I decided I didn’t like the second hostel that much at the end and left at 10am. I’ll just wait outside, I thought. It turned out that group of people (they came here for kayaking) was still here at 17.45!

At 6pm another guest turned up, a lady approximately my age, and a caretaker came to let her in. She comes from Tomaszów but lives in Germany and her mum is in the same care home as mine. I didn’t tell her my mum is going to be transferred to a private care home tomorrow, she wouldn’t understand that.

I didn’t ask her about her name and she didn’t ask for mine. That’s the thing with my social contacts, although I wouldn’t say people are rejecting me, they don’t really approach me either. It always has to be me who asks their names and sends Facebook friends requests when everyone around are got Facebook friendly like 3 weeks ago. I don’t know what it is exactly that prevents people from making this first move to befriend me, I guess it’s something about my face, but certainly it’s not something that I can control.


When I ask what’s their name I feel rather intrusive and when I send them Facebook requests I never know if they’re going to accept.

Oh, and no one ever tags me in any Facebook games. I don’t know if people think I wouldn’t like playing or maybe I don’t even cross their minds when they’re thinking who to tag. It feels like I’m constantly being stored on the side.

I was moved to a different bedroom for tonight, a bigger one. It’s only me, so it doesn’t matter but I don’t mind.

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