Universal credit

So I had my UC appointment and found out that if I’m out of the country for over 28 days my claim will be stopped. It doesn’t seem very fair, if I went to sort out the same situation to another town in the UK my benefits wouldn’t be stopped, so I’m not treated equally because I’m a foreiner.

28 days is on Thursday next week. There is only one flight I could take, from Kraków, late in the evening, so I’d need to sleep at the airport and for some reason the fast trains to Kraków don’t operate on that day, but there’s no explanation for that.

I don’t think I’ll be ready, to be honest. It will be like I dropped mum into the care home and left. I’m just not ready to think about going back yet. I ordered my 2nd day test though.


Again, waiting for green light. Or maybe, what would be much quicker, I’d transfer all mum’s money into my own account and run? Just kidding, of course. However, in terms of number of things that I need to do for that it would be what’s easiest. In a lot of situations we go for the easiest solution, so why not in here? Oh yes, because my mum wouldn’t get better living conditions. It seems to be the same situation as ‘what’s best for my family? Best for my family is if my brother stops drinking.’ The only problem is he won’t and for that reason I don’t know what to do next. Its my autistic brain here, creates catch 22 wherever it can.

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