11.30am – can’t go this way

So I went to Piotrków Trybunalski to check my mum’s bank account as power of attorney has already been registered. So the good thing is no more money has been stolen, mum has enough for 4 years of a private care home (if I add her pension) but POA doesn’t allow me to use online banking for her account. The staff suggests to open another account for myself and transfer some money there that I could manage remotely. But I didn’t sign the contract with the care home yet so it feels like stealing, plus I really do not want to have anything to do with this bank. So I can’t go this way.

I call the private care home. It is on the way from Piotrków, so possibly I could get off earlier and go there to sign the contract. They requite form filled in by the doctor about my mum’s health and to see her passport. I only returned the passport yesterday to mum so I can’t go to pick up the form now as I need to go again anyway.

I need to go to pick up my mum’s passport but there’s no visits allowed so I’d need to ask the staff to get it for me but without telling her why, but then she may get irritated. How am I going to manage that?


I want a drink but there’s no cafe around and the queue in the only shop is massive.

The staff in the bank wasn’t even sure if I can get access to mum’s account in the branch in Tomaszów, so possibly I’d need to come here again tomorrow.

I don’t think I’m very effective. Everything seems to take ages this way. I feel like I’m on a complex junction, not really sure what to do next, just waiting for where I see the green light first. I guess that’s a autistic thing. That would mean though that other people manage those things differently, but I guess there’s no research on that.

It’s 11.50, I’m on the mini bus to Tomaszów. I didn’t even get that drink. I didn’t have one since 7.30.

I need to write a letter demanding the money back. But I need to organise the care home. I can’t do all of that at once.

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