8.35am – am I autistic enough

That’s what I’m wondering about sometimes. I describe ‘normal life’ here, even though having a massive leak in the kitchen, being victim of fraud or serious workplace harassment is certainly not normal, but I guess you may know what I mean: I don’t write about sensory issues (even though I’m oversensitive to noise), I don’t write about how I didn’t understand sarcasm (even though it certainly happens to me sometimes) or about stims (I have a few), I just write about life.

Having family issues or aging relatives is certainly something that can happen to anyone. So do you think I’m autistic enough???


I don’t want to go to the police, I just want the money to be returned to my mum’s account. I want things to be easy, I want the system to be on my side.

And then I’ll just stay at home and do nothing. Or I’ll stay in and play Redecor. I want life to be easy but it looks like I put myself into troubles too much.

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