I’m kind of ready with mum’s bank statements. They’re very confusing. 3 accounts, I don’t know what for really, to make the matter more confusing I guess. There was at least one more that I was given authorisation to use, that I never took any advantage of and this one got closed and we never got statements from it.

I got rather annoyed at mum, thinking why she couldn’t get the grip of what was happening with her money. Why? But then, that’s who she was. She couldn’t do tax return (they are compulsory in here) even when she was younger. She was however very good at asking people to do things for her and that’s why she liked Mrs J. (the bank employee) that much. I liked Mrs J. at first too, she seemed fun and approachable. It was only last year that I realised she didn’t make much sense when asked for any details. Well, she couldn’t make sense of course as the details had to be hidden.

I feel so vulnerable again. I’m not safe in the world, that’s how I feel. If someone can come and steal the money from an elderly person, then what kind of world we live in?

Plus the whole situation reminds me of the pattern that I experience through life: naive, vulnerable, naive again, omg I caught you red handed!!!


That’s because I’m socially naive and it makes some people want to take an advantage of me as they think they can get away with things. But I’m not naive with procedures so when one gets broken I see it very clearly and react fast. For some reason though it makes those people angry with me.

That is a good question actually, is Mrs J. angry with me, while she’s in prison? Or maybe she’s angry with herself? What was she spending money for? From the photo when she was arrested it looks like she lived in a block of flats. But then of course, if she looked rich, it would be too suspicious for everyone around. So what was she spending for?

I feel a bit sorry for her son and a husband, it must be difficult situation to be in, certainly much more difficult than mine.

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