18.25 – I called mum!

I got enough courage today to call my mum. I felt really strange after I last tried to speak with her and she wasn’t replying. Plus I didn’t know what to tell her about everything.

Mum was really alert, which is obviously good. She wanted to know the truth about my brother so I said how he managed the roof repair and how I had to leave due to being unable to look at him and his lifestyle any more.

She tried to come up with different solutions like give the money for the repair to the neighbour instead of my brother but I explained my brother is likely to do a different kind of damage, not on purpose, just due to neglect and smoking cigarettes while laying in bed drunk.

She finally decided my brother needs to be evicted. I was seriously shocked. I’d never expected she could say that.


I’m not sure if this is doable as my brother owns a share of the property, although possibly it could be done through court, but then he’d just unscrew the lock and get inside to continue to live there as neither me nor mum are going to be around.

Possibly now will be good time to tell my mum she has to stay in a private care home while paying for it herself (let’s prey there are still money left on her account).

I’m surprised how, after all those kilometres I walked today I’m not in any pain. I guess I finally stretched my feet properly, I used to feel for a long time that they’re a bit stiff and probably due to that I used to walk funny. I now feel like I’m a bit younger, a bit more positive. Hopefully that means things will work out ok.

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