14.55 – keep walking, you may get somewhere one day

I left the hostel at 9.20 to get to the police station by 10. Only during my investigation two other people called regarding the same case. The policeman said that if bank don’t take responsibility this may take more than a year to sort out.

Police station is close to my mum’s care home so I went there to ask if maybe she needs anything, like a hand cream or socks. A friendly carer went to ask her (still no visits allowed) and came back to tell me that mum doesn’t need anything except her passport (I kept it on me after signing POA) and money for my brother to fix the roof.


When she’s on her own a lot I guess she keeps having the feeling again that my brother changed, despite of all the evidence against it.

I keep thinking, this way or the other the money would be lost and I mean my brother here. It feels more posh to be victim of such a massive fraud, especially if I was the first one to report it. Should I thank Mrs J. for her dedication? A few more days and I may consider it.

I kept walking, left police station around 11am and only now sat down for lunch. I don’t know if I’m getting fitter or if it’s the stress but I don’t feel any pain that I used to have with every bigger walk when in the UK.

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