Second attempt

This is my second attempt at blogging. The first time was when I had Employment Tribunal claim against Home Group (aka The Company). I found it very difficult at the time, my mind was constantly focused on the claim but I didn’t want to write about it so I quickly ended up struggling with ideas. I only managed handful of posts really and then I had to stop.

When I was wondering how it actually happened that I managed to lose on social level (no one would believe my side of the story) while on procedural level I was winning (Home Group provided me with evidence against themselves) I really was unable to write anything at all.

The Friend said that she was concerned I would go insane and, once again, she was right when no one else could see what was happening with me. I really was not in a position to write about anything at all.

Now it comes so much easier. I just wait till I feel like I need to unload my emotions, I find a quiet place to sit or lay and I start typing. And because I know it will be available for other to read (and judge) I try to keep calm when looking for suitable words. I try to appear like if I can manage my emotions, I make an effort to demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity. And, although I didn’t start this blog to keep myself calm, I really feel like this is a surprising side effect. Now I’m really glad I gave blogging a go again, especially now, when I’m going through so much.

I really miss my mum.

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