I did some walking again, had a burger for lunch and then ended up in the same park as yesterday.

The fact that government decided shops need to be closed on Sundays doesn’t seem to keep people active: the park is pretty much empty, even though weather is really good and it’s even possible it’s the last weekend of good weather this year.

I had a look at some local news and saw an advert about a flat for sale that was the same size as mine and price was pretty much the same too, although this one here was ultimately more modern (just to be clear, my kitchen is modern too). And I thought, really? Where are those prices from? An average salary here is approximately 30% of one in the UK. Yet, what needs to be said straight, people here are somehow coping and never complain they ‘can’t afford’ something, like British often do.


From time to time I get jealous of everyone who managed to make their life here, without the need to move abroad or a bigger city. I feel like there’s too late for me to come back here for good but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to.

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