Feeling better

I only realised on my second day here that there is an adventure park just outside of the building. I guess due to stress I was under I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing. There is also an outdoor gym a few more metres away and a river.

When I woke up today I went to get milk from the kitchen that is in another building and I thought, how cool is that, waking up in here.

It’s 8am and I still didn’t sort out the papers that are evidence that my mum’s money was stolen but I’ll do it soon. It’s Friday so I’ll only do this one thig today, I mean go to the bank regarding this, and then I’ll have two days to recharge.

I asked The Friend if it’s possible that the policeman who is investigating the case told us that many more people were victims because he want us to feel better and she said she doesn’t think so.

Somehow it doesn’t make much sense to me that no one noticed their money missing till after we reported it. How people found out about it? I don’t suppose it was advertised in any way.

That brings me to the little problem of mine: should I take people on face value, like I used to most of the time before my diagnosis, or should I look for hidden meaning? I somehow think that taking them on face value used to protect me from a lot of drama. If someone didn’t make sense to me I just decided they were weird and needed to be avoided. I wish I was able to go back to that kind of thinking. It’s not good to interact with people who have hidden agendas.

However, the situation with policeman made me think that possibly it’s ok to lie if we want to protect other people feelings. So it should be ok not to tell my mum that she’s paying for her care home from the money she has left from the land sale. That is, if there is any money left. Sometimes I think that there may be none.


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