Morning of The Day

I’ll be leaving my hostel in a few minutes to get to mum’s care home, to sign power of attorney. Google map says it’s 30 minutes walk, that means I need to allocate at least 45.

Weather is not very nice but it’s not raining.

The night in a hostel was OK. For the price I’m paying (30PLN, approximately 6 pounds per night) is really ok, just a bit away from everything.

I’ve heard someone else walking through hallway yesterday evening, it did make me feel a bit better.

I don’t even want to say any more how bad I feel regarding my brother and the decision I will have to make, I am moaning about it to The Boyfriend every day and I mentioned it here too, multiple times.


I revealed The Company name under Status Quo early this morning. I feel so bad, like if I want to break something, and because damaging things around me would make everything even worse and it would have to be me who has to pick up the pieces at the end so The Company has to be my victim.

Possibly I’ll regret it later. I don’t know. It’s difficult for me to predict what is going to happen as a result of my actions. I really don’t want to end up with another psychotic episode but then keeping quiet also feels bad.

The bed is so comfortable and duvet is warm. Can I not go anywhere? The world will have to cope without me.

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