I don’t even want to give details here how my brother dealt with that leak but it ended up with him being drunk again while nothing was done. He seemed to have good intentions though when he was leaving the house.

I found out that there is one neighbour who regularly gives him food and another who gives him small amount of money.

I found a room in Tomaszów, in a hostel by the river. It would probably look very nice there if the weather was better and also I’m a bit concerned how I’m going to feel as there’s absolutely no one there as school holiday just ended. But I thought I’d be better off there than with my brother. Even though he leaves me to my own devices, everything here reminds me that we, as a family, are a failure.


So I packed my and my mum’s stuff and will be heading off towards the bus stop soon. With two suitcases.

I considered asking someone for a lift but then I’d have to say what happened and how I feel. I’m not sure I want people to know.

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