I did hear that people with Asperger’s are immature and I wonder sometimes what that actually means. If I didn’t have Asperger’s, would I deal any better with this situation? Would I not be fed up? Would I not believe that money should be spent on home improvement rather than putting elderly relatives into care homes? Especially when those relatives are almost fully capable of taking care of themselves (did I tell you that mum used to cook pierogi for me when she was staying in the UK?).

My brother came back from the shop with the tiniest bread possible and a cheese spread. He also said he got a piece of sausage that he ate on the way as he was really hungry but he smelled of alcohol. He didn’t seem drunk though, he never does nowadays.

So, if I didn’t have Asperger’s, would I deal any better with that? Would I know not to give him money? Or maybe I’d start telling him to stop drinking, the same way mum does, but he’d listen to me for a change?

What does immaturity mean? I’d never thought about The Boyfriend that he’s immature. He has his issues, but then who doesn’t? At least when I talk to him I feel understood and listened to, not like with some neurotypical people.

So, if I didn’t have Asperger’s, would I not think that it’s best for my family if my brother stopped drinking?

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