I’m not registered with the council any more

In Poland everyone has to be registered somewhere, which is very often not where one lives. It’s not really that important for every day but if we want to take part in election or do tax return (which is compulsory) it needs to be in the area where one is registered.

I was registered in my family home. It was not compulsory for me as I don’t live in Poland but it felt like I belonged there, it made sense.

So I went to unregister myself today. That’s all I did all day pretty much. And now I feel like I don’t even want to be back there. It feels to me like the place is falling apart. Obviously it’s not true, the house, although it doesn’t have a modern interior, is well built. It’s the system that is falling apart: our family. I need to get away from there, because if I don’t, I’ll fall apart too.

Idealy I’d go to Łódź now and stay in a hostel. I know if I go back home I’d need to take sleeping tablet again. But Łódź may be difficult today. It’s afternoon already and I’m in Tomaszów, I have no things with me. I may not be able to make it. Unless if I really try?

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