I want magic

That’s what one of Redecor challenges is called. I read it and thought I want magic too. But magic is not going to happen.

My brother now says he doesn’t want my share of the house, even though it would come with a small piece of land that he could sell. He probably decided it’s better for him to use the house to threaten me that things needs doing and then at some point I’ll still give it all back to him, when he wants it, as I’d be fed up.

I need to go to the council and see what my options are, possibly giving my share to the council is not a bad idea? Although it feels quite extreme, I wanted to have roots and now I am considering giving my share to the council? It doesn’t make any sense in terms of symbols.

I guess, if my brother doesn’t change his mind I can go back to the UK and see how things are going but I don’t really have much hope.

I could at least enquire in the council.

My head hurts horribly, I can barely think. This house is so unpleasant now, I find it impossible to relax.

If I could at least go back to my own flat for a week and then come back here and deal with the rest, it wouldn’t be that bad.

It’s raining again. I feel cold and I crave proper dinner. I suppose I could always cook something, just two portions, for today.

How come one person’s problems can affect several people like that? This constant manipulation and twisting things, I’m fed up.


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