Spoke with my brother

He’s not sure if he wants my share of the house. He’ll tell me tomorrow. He’s drunk and claims he’s ‘one level above everyone else’, whatever that could mean.

He said again that mum has to be back home, even if she’s in the wheelchair and I decide to come back to the UK. He’ll deal with it, he said.

I remember when I first thought that mum has Alzheimer, I told him about it and he said he’ll train the dog to keep her in the house.

Seriously, why do I have to go through all of that.

I could organise mum a private care home, but she won’t want to go, unless I just won’t ask her? When I have power of attorney, I won’t need to ask.


The staff in this one is lovely but it’s crowded, she won’t even be able to maneuver properly with a walking frame when she starts getting up and the hallway is really dark and depressing. I suppose now, when she’s not allowed out of bed it doesn’t matter but it will later on. She deserves better than that. But I need to decide by myself because she’s scared of spending money, but if she doesn’t what she has still left my brother will spend it on drinking. That’s the choice that I am to make.

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