Is that ok?

I’m wondering now if it’s actually ok to make decisions for somebody else? My mum won’t approve going to a private care home, she won’t approve any care home really. She wants to stay in Smardzewice and use her age and disability to control my brother’s drinking. And if it at least worked!

Is it ok to make the decision for her, what if she’s unhappy, the same way she was when she was with me? Well, at least I won’t be around to see it and I’d know I did everything, but then, will I do it for her, or for myself?

What if she wants to leave? Should I just tell staff to remind her that I have power of attorney and then ignore her?

She’s considered to have capacity, even though I was frequently saying she’s not very logical in her thinking and she doesn’t learn from her mistakes.

I really want something nice to eat.


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