In bed

I miss Redecor a bit but don’t feel like it’s the right time now to focus on the game.

I finally start feeling that I’m on the right track, even though I don’t know where I’m going exactly. I don’t know if I need to go to town tomorrow or not. I’ll decide in the morning. I need to decide what I need in the Power of Attorney, but this can be passed on to the solicitor over email.

I will feel sad giving up my share of the house, this is where I was brought up. It’s like giving up my roots, but I suppose roots are only a symbol, I need to be able to move on from that thinking somehow.

My dad was also very focused on his roots. Totally obsessed. There was nothing there that was of any use, and yet, he wanted to own the place. I think it’s an Asperger’s thing. Symbols, we’re very good at understanding symbols and quite poor at understanding emotions. We’re focusing on what we’re good at.

I’m still managing without any mental health medication, I think it’s a success already. I know that taking it may help with stress levels, so I may need it at some point, but it won’t help me move on from being attached to a symbol. I don’t really know what will.

I’m Polish, and always will be, even though my home is in the UK. It will be difficult not to have even this tiny piece of land in here, something that is mine, even if I have no use of it.


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