Woke up early

I went to sleep just after 22.30 and woke up before 2am. That’s not a lot of sleep, but should be ok in terms of my mental health (my two psychotic episodes were inducted by stress and insomnia.) Strange that I don’t feel tired at all. It would still be nice to sleep now.

It’s really windy outside. I’m unlikely to be able to go to town today to sort anything out. I’m on an online training for 3 days now but it starts at 11 my time so I could technically go to town early, sort some issues out and then take the training from a cafe, as those are never busy here. I could even use my headphones for comfort. But the weather is clearly going to prevent me from it. What a shame, it’s only August and summer can be so nice here.


Also not sure if I’m going to be able to meet up with The Friend. She lives in a different part of the country, like 3 hours from here and we arranged to meet in Łódź, as we usually do, which is a city approximately half way through. If the weather is horrible we’d have to cancel and that means I may not be able to see her during this stay in Poland as she’s going abroad with her students in September.

I really wish the weather get better soon.

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