No more visits at mum’s

When I was doing the online training, connection went off after the first break so I decided I’m going to see mum. I went there only to find out that visits in all care homes and hospitals in Poland has been suspended. I was allowed to see her very briefly, left her the glasses and a jumper.

I started wondering why I actually came here.

I then went to check if the mini buses to Łódź are still running and it looks like they do. It’s very funny with the small transport operators, the fact that bus is scheduled on the time table doesn’t mean it is going to turn up. It’s very possible that it has been suspended two years ago.

The government operated buses are a bit better because if they’re scheduled on the bus stop time table they’re likely to turn up, but don’t trust the online time table, it’s very likely 5 years out of date. Why 5 years? Because it was then when the company received funds from the EU to go digital. After that no one is going to update anything.


I’m just hoping I’m going to be able to see The Friend on Friday like we planned to. I’ll also apply for new passport, that will save me a trip to London. Apart from that I don’t really know what I will be doing, the care home visits are unlikely to be reinstated soon.

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