The neurotypical disorder

I’m not one who claims autism is not a disability. Oh, by all means, it is.  It was the inability to predict other people behaviour that put me into all those troubles with The Company and the employment tribunal case, where I ended up developing psychotic episode. That wasn’t what I wanted, believe me. You can read longer version of that in My story.

A neurotypical person would be very unlikely to put themselves through any of that.

Yet, I do not understand a certain fenomena: neurotypical people have difficulties with picking up on situations where an interaction has been started only to obtain information, they very often twist it into a social situation, when there is no need for that.

It could look like this: I’m thinking I need to go to the library to look for some books about SEO to promote my website. I know the Covid rules are constantly changing so instead of heading to library website I plan on asking Alice, a colleague of mine, who loves reading. She will know, I think.

Me: Alice, do you know how the central library operates now? Can I just go in and pick a book from the shelf like it used to be?

Alice: It is open, yes, I actually borrowed a book recently that was about a lady who was cheated on by her husband. It’s was so good, I’m telling you, so basically the lady moved all the way to Australia for her fiance and it turned out…

And then Alice proceedes to tell me what was in the book, and how it made her feel, completely ignoring the fact that she didn’t answer my question. I don’t want to interupt her as I learned this is considered rude, but I keep wondering if she thinks she’s being polite?

Ignoring information, focusing on social side of the things, that’s what I call The neurotypical dissorder.

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